One Dream Can Change Your Life


My encounter with Kaya’s research work transformed my vision, my professional approach and my whole life. Understanding the human body and its pathologies with the help of symbolic language was the answer I’d been seeking for so long. This science that is accessible to everyone and is logical and extremely simple, truly is the cornerstone that’s been missing from today’s health system. In my opinion, symbolic language as taught by Kaya is the greatest discovery of our century in many domains, including my own profession

Dr François Bouchard, D.C.
Chiropractor (01-1388)

Kaya’s work is truly extraordinary. His teaching and publication of the results of his research on human consciousness is a gift to humanity. His understanding of symbolic language is simply phenomenal. Applying this language to my life has brought me greater understanding of my difficulties and it helps me make the right decisions.

I’ve been applying Kaya’s teaching in my personal and professional life for 10 years now. Analyzing my dreams and working on my conscience has allowed me to manifest the greatest achievement of my life so far. Kaya’s teaching inspires me to become a better person, to work on myself, to understand my dreams and my life. This has a direct impact on my relationship with my patients and everyone I know.

Kaya’s teaching has allowed me to understand the true nature of my work and to consider my patients as parts of myself. Each treatment, each encounter is an opportunity to work on and improve myself.

With Kaya’s work, we really feel guided…from the inside.

The wonderful thing about Kaya’s work is that it is verifiable; it’s a truly scientific teaching.

Dr Manon Lacoursière,
Chiropractor, BSc. DC

Working as a therapist for over 10 years, I encounter a great number of patients who suffer intensely in both mind and body. They have often tried several methods without finding an answer to their problems. Understanding life, the body, ill-being and illness through their symbolic aspect brings real peace, consolation and new hope to all those who suffer in their minds, hearts and/or bodies. Mr Kaya’s brilliant work is most certainly a wonderful advance for all mankind and particularly so in my field of therapy. This new approach gives deep meaning to the events and ill-being we experience during the day as well as in dreams we receive during the night. It opens a door onto a whole new way of regaining balance and good health on all levels.

Denise Fredette
Naturopath, BA in physical education, Masters in School Administration, Trained Osteopath

Thanks to Kaya’s contribution to dream analysis, and after his explanations, I’ve understood that it is possible to rectify my memories.

Celine Lemieux
Nurse, Canada

I was lucky to discover Kaya’s teaching while I was studying to become a nurse and it was fantastic help in better understanding and deepening the language of the human body through the study of symbolism. I know no one else who can interpret each symbol or each illness as accurately and logically. When I apply symbolic language in my profession, I have access to the origin of the physical and psychological difficulties of my patients and the care I give goes much deeper. I’ve often observed the multiple benefits for the patients.

My personal and family life has also completely changed and every day I discover new teachings that I decode via symbolic language and I’m happy to share these with my family. I am very grateful for the wonderful work Kaya has achieved in the study of symbols and dreams and I hope it will bring as much fulfillment to all those who discover this new guidance.

Sophie de Favre-de-Thierriens
Nurse, France

I always felt that each event could be ‘read’ on two levels: the simply physical level and also the symbolic, metaphysical level. The first time I heard Kaya talk about symbols and signs marking out the pathway in our lives, I knew I had at last found someone to help me decode the signs and symbols of my daily life, which then took on unexpected colors! Everything had a meaning. Everything made sense !

I gradually integrated this knowledge into my life as a massage-therapist. And I can validate it almost every day in exchanges with my patients, one of whom suffers from digestive problems since he hasn’t ‘digested’ certain events in his life, or another chronic migraine sufferer hasn’t been able to abandon old, set concepts or else is under constant inner stress, etc. And, if they so wish, thanks to Kaya’s teaching of symbolic language, awareness becomes possible and this often alleviates or even heals the illness.

Working with the symbolic meaning of illness has transformed the way I live and the way I work. Each day provides me with the opportunity to verify the pertinence of Kaya’s observations.

I can never thank him enough.

Janick Quenet
Massage-therapist in Switzerland

As a therapist I thought I understood a lot of things only to realize, when I discovered the true understanding of signs and dreams as taught by Kaya, that actually a whole deep dimension had been missing. I was able to listen and perceive in symbols to better understand my patients. Everything became clearer…even obvious now.

From then on I could really and truly follow the path of my Destiny without getting lost in difficult or painful meanders…Kaya’s teaching has completely changed my life on both the personal and professional level.

Régine Andrieu
Therapist, Teacher, France

For several years now Kaya’s teaching of symbolic language has brought me a new understanding of the events in my life and in society. I’ve come to understand that everything that surrounds me is part of me and allows me to actively participate in the evolution of my conscience. My personal life has changed so much. After a divorce and 7 years alone with my children, I’ve encountered Love. With my new life-partner, the four of us –soon to be five– are experiencing wonderful happiness. At work I experienced a lot of tension with my hierarchy but today there’s a lovely harmony where each person has his place and his responsibilities.

Florence Pichonnaz
Financial Manager, Switzerland

Kaya’s work on dreams and their symbolism has helped me see who I really was and even better, he has equipped me with extraordinary tools to see, study and understand the negative that exists in my conscience.

Accepting to see my dark side, understanding how it manifested concretely, understanding how it could destabilize and destroy my everyday life, working on it and helping it evolve toward positive forces…these are the precious keys Kaya’s research work has provided me with.

Thanks to them I’ve been able to do concrete work on unsuspected violence and needs that were not at all visible on the outside. Hence, over time, I managed to achieve a very concrete priority for me: to become a mother and a gentle, patient, understanding teacher for every child that crosses my path.

Laura Manzano School Teacher,
Mother of 5 children

Since my early childhood, I had a recurring dream where extra-terrestrials came looking for me and took me off with them in their space ship. For years, I didn’t feel at ease here on Earth; in my heart of hearts I thought I was like an extra-terrestrial, forgotten on this planet, waiting for someone to come and fetch me. This belief left me feeling very nostalgic and I suffered from the fact that my life had no apparent meaning. I didn’t understand the real meaning of that dream. With Kaya’s teaching, I finally understood what it meant. That this dream was symbolic and talking essentially about me; and this understanding was a true liberation that allowed me to rediscover the meaning of my existence and the joy of living my life to the full. Since then, studying the symbolism of dreams and signs helps me know myself better and better and to follow the guidance of my soul and discover a whole world I hadn’t perceived before.

Patrick Thomas,
Radar Specialist, Secret Intelligence and Former officer in the Marines, Teacher, France

The tools related to symbolic language gained from Kaya’s research have become an indispensible guide for me to help me interpret and analyze my daily reality both within myself and in concrete action. This method, and above all this discipline, guides me to make a constant interpretation of the elements that crop up in my life. I spontaneously refer to Kaya’s analyzes to unveil my real intentions, validate my projects and guide my decisions so as to be sure they are really in phase with my life plan.

Mario Gosselin
General Manager, Premier Medical Group, Canada

As a teacher of literature, Kaya’s teachings have greatly helped me to a better, deeper understanding of the texts my students study and together we can develop a better understanding of how people, how life, how we ourselves work.

As a school counselor, Kaya’s teaching of symbolic language has been a tremendous help both in my understanding of the problem and also in helping students reach a better understanding of their situation.

On a personal level, thanks to Kaya’s teaching, my life as a wife, a mother and as a woman has been deeply enriched and it just keeps on improving; it’s amazing! I recommend Kaya’s teachings to everyone who wants a better life.

Blanaid Rensch
High School Teacher, School Counselor, Switzerland