One Dream Can Change Your Life

“An Angel is a person that dreams and embodies spirituality” 

The Book of Angels, The Hidden Secrets by Kaya and Christiane Muller is an international bestseller in many countries and is being discovered right now throughout the world as a book that inspires a completely new vision of life. The mystical texts of The Traditional Study of Angels - Angelology were re-discovered in 1975 after being hidden during the time of the inquisition in Girona (Spain) for more than 500 years. The Hidden Secrets revealed in this discovery lead us to understand that Angels, usually represented as little children with wings, are in reality States of Consciousness that inhabit all of us. Once these Powers are re-activated, they trigger powerful dreams and Revelations both of our past and future.

Kaya's wife, Christiane, who discovered these texts through the magic of circumstances, was mainly inspired by the Qualities of the Angels and she meditated on them, repeating Their sacred names over and over like mantras so as to embody and become these Angelic Qualities. She then shared her first research and discoveries with Kaya who put what she had learned into practice and discovered the same intense process: initiations, the triggering of powerful, revealing dreams, the reading of signs, the opening of a multi-dimensional conscience, the development of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. The Angelic world opened to them, became tangible and revolutionized their concepts of existence and thought. Their discoveries reveal how to activate the 72 source codes of Angelic Consciousness and are one of the greatest discoveries of our time on the spiritual and Angelic level. Today, by repeating the Names of the Angels like a mantra and experiencing the very same process of the transformation and mutation of conscience as Kaya and Christiane, hundreds of thousands of people have access to this practical, concrete Knowledge of the Angels, of Angelology, which is very powerful initiatic work that engenders true spiritual autonomy.

Kaya & Christiane have founded a non profit organization, Universe/City Mikaël (UCM), which diffuses this Teaching through books that have become bestsellers throughout the world on: The Traditional Study of Angels (Traditional Angelology), dreams, signs and symbolic language. They help and concretely inspire many people all over the world to develop their spiritual autonomy, to gradually embody and become the Angelic states of consciousness and no longer consider an Angel as only being a Force on the outside, beyond us. They give lectures, and seminars in over 16 countries throughout the world. Along with Dr. François Bouchard and his wife Denise Fredette, they have founded the Angelica Pratica Clinic, a holistic health center, which offers energic, physiological and philosophical medicine, using symbolic language to understand and help treat illnesses and various psychological problems. 

The Hidden Secrets of The Traditional Study of Angels - Angelology is one of the most important spiritual secrets ever unveiled to humankind. The original Angels' Names are the keys to opening our consciousness and to triggering our dreams & signs. Welcome to the philosophy that helps people understand their evolution symbolically through their daily lives and dreams. Our goal is to inspire people to discover the real meaning of Angels.

The Traditional Study of Angels comes from the Ancient times of Judeo Christianity. Available sources date it to around 450 BC. This philosophy is, in fact, the origin of Angels and Archangels as we have always known them in our Christian and Jewish traditions: Gabriel, Raphael, Mikaël, etc.

The mystical texts of Angelology explaining the origin of Angels were found in the city of Girona in Spain. They had been hidden during the inquisition for more than 500 years. Some people from Girona had a map drawn on a stone wall in their house. It explained that there was a treasure hidden in the sealed area of the city. It is a really mysterious story because there was an entire section of the city, now known as The Call, that was abandoned and forgotten by the people of Gerona for 500 years, until 1975.

The Traditional Study of Angels - Angelology shows us that an Angel is not a little being with wings. An Angel is a metaphor that expresses the infinite potential of human beings. It represents our true capacity to understand and live with our metaphysical aspects, our capacity to travel into the Consciousness and have access to knowledge through dreams, visions and daily signs.